Visual Doom Competition 2017 - How to start?


We assume you know how ViZDoom works. If not, please read the tutorial.

What you should do

  1. Install Docker (the virtualization software) and nvidia-docker (if you want to use CUDA).
  2. Clone CIG2017 competition repository from github.
  3. Build the host (./ host).
  4. Build some agents e.g. ./ random; ./ f1
  5. Run the host for a single player (./ host -p 1 --watch) (display is required for --watch)
  6. Run an agent (./ random)
  7. If there are no errors it most probably works. If you used --watch you can watch the game as an invisible, invincible, flying spectator.
  8. Now to build your own agent you should probably analyze random, f1 and intelact. There is also a chance that you'll want to train with builtin bots in non-network mode. In that case you should look at no_host example which enables you to spawn a deathmatch with bots.
  9. Read more about prepareing a submission
# 2. Clone the repository
git clone
cd vizdoom_cig2017

# 3. Build the host 
./ host 

# 4. Build some agents e.g. 
./ random
# ./ f1
# ./ intelact

# 5. Run the host for 1 player (display is required for --watch)
./ host -p 1 --watch

# 6. Run an agent 
./ random