VDAIC 2016 @ CIG Getting Started

Competition - How to start?

The competition is over but the page is left here for the future reference.

These short instructions are based on the Python examples but C++ and Java examples differ only syntactically.

We assume that you have already built ViZDoom and can run the basic examples. If not, follow the instructions.

We recommend to scan through and run the basic single-player examples or to read the tutorial before running the ones intended for CIG.

CIG examples

There are three competition-centered examples:

  • cig_host.py - hosts a game and waits for other players to connect,
  • cig.py - joins a game hosted locally (e.g., by cig_host.py),
  • cig_bots.py - hosts a game with seven bots.

All three examples feature an "AI" which randomly performs one of three actions (turn left, turn right, shoot) and it is your job to make it do something reasonable. Each example is robustly commented and is quite self-explanatory (''get_state'' and ''make_action'' deserve most attention).

In the case of any questions or complaints feel free to subscribe to vizdoom@googlegroups.com or open a new GitHub ticket.