ViZDoom is a Doom-based AI research platform for reinforcement learning from raw visual information. It allows developing AI bots that play Doom using only the screen buffer. ViZDoom is primarily intended for research in machine visual learning, and deep reinforcement learning, in particular.

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Getting started


The documentation consists of:


ViZDoom API is reinforcement learning friendly (suitable also for learning from demonstration, apprenticeship learning or apprenticeship via inverse reinforcement learning, etc.).

Python Example

from vizdoom import *
import random, time

game = DoomGame()

shoot = [0,0,1]
left = [1,0,0]
right = [0,1,0]

episodes = 10
for i in range(episodes):
    while not game.is_episode_finished():
        state = game.get_state()
        img = state.image_buffer
        misc = state.game_variables
        action = random.choice([shoot, left, right]) # A random agent
        reward = game.make_action(action)
        time.sleep(0.02) # Just to make it slower
    print("Total reward: " + str(game.get_total_reward()))

Custom Scenarios

Custom scenarios are defined in Action Code Script using the standard Doom tools, e.g., Slade, or Doom Builder.

Depth Buffer Access


Measured on Intel Core i7-4790k(4x4Ghz).