VDAIC 2017 @ CIG Getting Started

How to start?

The competition is over but the page is left here for the future reference.


We assume you know how ViZDoom works. If not, please read the tutorial.

What you should do

  1. Install Docker (the virtualization software) and nvidia-docker (if you want to use CUDA).
  2. Clone CIG2017 competition repository from github.
  3. Build the host (./build.sh host).
  4. Build some agents e.g. ./build.sh random; ./build.sh f1
  5. Run the host for a single player (./run.sh host -p 1 --watch) (display is required for --watch)
  6. Run an agent (./run.sh random)
  7. If there are no errors it most probably works. If you used --watch you can watch the game as an invisible, invincible, flying spectator.
  8. Now to build your own agent you should probably analyze random, f1 and intelact. There is also a chance that you'll want to train with builtin bots in non-network mode. In that case you should look at no_host example which enables you to spawn a deathmatch with bots.
  9. Read more about prepareing a submission
# 2. Clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/ebonyclock/vizdoom_cig2017
cd vizdoom_cig2017

# 3. Build the host 
./build.sh host 

# 4. Build some agents e.g. 
./build.sh random
# ./build.sh f1
# ./build.sh intelact

# 5. Run the host for 1 player (display is required for --watch)
./run.sh host -p 1 --watch

# 6. Run an agent 
./run.sh random